Exceeding the industry standard
for air purification.

PURADIGM® is a massive evolutionary leap into active, simultaneous air and surface purification technology. By emitting charged particles that attack pathogens in the air and on surfaces, it creates a safe space for animals, plants, and humans during its continuous operation.

Tested and verified against pathogens for almost every indoor application, our particle emitting technology is revolutionizing the standard of what it meanest to purify.

PURADIGM® shields an entire room, immediately reducing pathogens as they are introduced to the environment, with a process thousands of times faster than any other filtration technology.

By using PURADIGM®, there is a reduction in the need for harmful chemicals to clean surfaces. In addition, unlike traditional methods like fogging, it is safe to be in the same space as Puradigm 24/7/365 for people, plants, and animals.

PURADIGM® is tested and validated in a wide range of pathogens for indoor application. PURADIGM® technology emits charged particles that attack pathogens in the air and
on surfaces, all within space that humans, animals, and plants can safely occupy during continuous operation. PURADIGM®’s patented technology replicates nature’s purification process, is registered with the EPA and meets all NIOSH, OSHA, and EPA safety guidelines.