Unlocking Value and Delivering Shareholder Returns with Holdings in Growth Sectors Worldwide

For over 25 years, DSS, Inc. (NYSE American: DSS) has protected corporations, financial institutions, and governments from sophisticated and costly fraud. In 2019, we began a major transformation.

Today, we take ownership positions or fully acquire businesses in five high-growth sectors to monetize our holdings by:

  1. Transitioning the company’s revenue streams into exponential and emerging new business lines.
  2. Operating the company to create growth opportunities and scalable/recurring revenue.
  3. Restructuring and Developing our assets to position them for growth and potential monetization.

Our Strategy delivers shareholder value by:

  1. Developing solid revenue growth, increasing profitability, growing assets which will drive stock price and market cap.
  2. Building long-term shareholder values by increasing assets through mergers and acquisitions.
  3. Providing a unique dividend structure to build value, and monetize assets for investors.

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Tell me more about Impact BioMedical Share Distribution.

DSS shareholders of record on that date will be entitled to four (4) shares of Impact Biomedical Inc. for every one (1) share of DSS.

Impact Biomedical shares are registered under CUSIP Number 45259L 106. Shares will not be eligible for resale until 180 days from the date Impact BioMedical’s initial public offering (IPO) becomes effective under the Securities Act, subject to the Company’s discretion to lift the restriction at an earlier date.

Shares should be reflected in your investment account holding your DSS shares already, although the company is aware of some delays with certain firms.

Shareholders are encouraged to contact their respective investment brokers if their accounts do not reflect the distribution yet.

What is the primary business of DSS today?

DSS, Inc. is a multinational company operating business segments in product packaging, biotechnology, consumer, commercial lending, securities and investment management, alternative trading, digital transformation, secure living, and alternative energy. Its business model is based on a distribution sharing system in which shareholders receive shares in its subsidiaries as DSS strategically unlocks value through IPO spin-offs. Under new leadership, DSS has built the necessary foundation for sustainable growth through the acquisition and formation of a diversified portfolio of companies positioned to drive profitability in five high-growth sectors. These companies offer innovative, flexible, and real-world solutions that not only meet customer needs but create sustainable value and opportunities for transformation.

What is the breakdown of revenue from the different divisions?

See the 05/15/2023 10-Q found here:

How many shares are outstanding, and in float?

139,017,172 shares are outstanding (as of 11/17/2022)

57,455,583 shares in the public float (as of 11/17/2022)

What is the insider ownership percentage?

~31.3% (as of 11/17/2022)

What are the first three (3) anticipated spin offs this year?

Impact Biomedical Inc.
American Medical REIT Inc.
American Pacific Bancorp

What is the status of the Impact Biomedical IPO and issuance of the dividend shares?

S-1 is filed. Offering planned for late 2023, contingent on market conditions.

How many shares of Impact Biomedical will DSS shareholders receive when they IPO?

Shareholders will receive 4 shares of Impact Biomedical for each DSS share held except for related parties.

What products are closest to commercialization in the Impact Biomedical pipeline?

Impact Biomedical has a broad portfolio of technologies and products that range from development to commercial stage. Examples of products closer to commercialization include probiotics and air purification. For more information Impact Biomedical’s pipelines can be viewed here:

Which business segments currently contribute the most to DSS's revenue numbers?

Currently, Product Packaging, Commercial Banking, and Direct Sales business lines.

List revenue producing segments and their revenue numbers including expected growth (ie. AMRE etc.)

Product Packaging: $11,876,000
Commercial Lending: $644,000
Consumer: $18,000,000
Biotechnology: $94,000
Securities: $4,817,000
Corporate: $496,000

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