Board of Directors

Ambrose Chan Heng Fai Executive Chairman, Director

Ambrose Chan Heng Fai

Executive Chairman, Director

Mr. Chan Heng Fai founded Alset EHome International, Inc. and has served as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer since inception in March 2018. Mr. Chan is an expert in banking and finance, with 45 years of experience in these industries. He has restructured numerous companies in various industries and countries during the past 40 years. Mr. Chan has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Alset EHome International Inc.’s subsidiary Alset International Limited (“Alset”), a publicly traded company on the Singapore Stock Exchange, since April 2014. Mr. Chan joined the Board of Directors of Alset in May 2013. Mr. Chan has served as an Executive director of DSS, Inc. (formerly known as Document Security Systems, Inc.), a New York Stock Exchange Listed company, since January 2017 and as Executive Chairman of the Board since March 2019. Mr. Chan has served as a Director of Sharing Services Global Corporation since April 2020. Mr. Chan has served as a director of Alset’s 99.69%-owned subsidiary GigWorld Inc. since October 2014. He also served as a director of Alset’s indirect subsidiary LiquidValue Development Inc. since January 2017. Mr. Chan has also appointed as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Alset Capital Acquisition Corp, a New York Stock Exchange Listed company, since October 2021. In addition, Mr. Chan appointed as a board member of Value Exchange International, Inc. since December 2021.

From 1995 to 2015, Mr. Chan served as Managing Chairman of Hong Kong-listed Zensun Enterprises Limited, an investment holding company which traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Mr. Chan had previously served as a member of the Board of Zensun Enterprises Limited from September 1992 to July 2015. Mr. Chan was formerly the Managing Director of SingHaiyi Group Pte Ltd (formerly known as SingHaiyi Group Limited, previously a listed company with Singapore Stock Exchange), the investment and management company, from March 2003 to January 2013, which under his leadership, transformed from a failing store-fixed business provider with net asset value of less than $10 million into a property trading and investment company and finally to a property development company with net asset value over $150 million before Mr. Chan ceded controlling interest in late 2012. From 1997 to 2002, Mr. Chan served as Executive Chairman of China Gas Holdings Limited, a formerly failing fashion retail company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which under his direction, was restructured to become one of the few large participants in the investment in and operation of city gas pipeline infrastructure in China.

Mr. Chan served as Chairman and Director of American Pacific Bank. In 1987, Mr. Chan acquired American Pacific Bank, a full-service U.S. commercial bank, and brought it out of bankruptcy. He recapitalized, refocused and grew the bank’s operations. Under his guidance it became a NASDAQ-listed high asset quality bank with zero loan losses for over five consecutive years before it was ultimately bought and merged into Riverview Bancorp Inc.

Mr. Chan was formerly a director of Global Medical REIT Inc., a healthcare facility real estate company, from December 2013 to July 2015. He also served as a director of Skywest Ltd., a public Australian airline company, from 2005 to 2006. Mr. Chan served as a member of the Board of Directors of RSI International Systems, Inc., the developer of RoomKeyPMS, a web-based property management system, from June 2014 to February 2019. Mr. Chan served as a non-executive director of Holista CollTech Ltd., a publicly traded company on the Australia Stock Exchange, from July 2013 to June 2021. Mr. Chan also served as a member of the Board of Directors of OptimumBank Holdings, Inc., a NASDAQ Listed company, from June 2018 to April 2022.

Mr. Chan has committed that the majority of his time will be devoted to managing the affairs of our company; however, Mr. Chan may engage in other business ventures, including other technology-related businesses.

As the founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and our largest stockholder, Mr. Chan leads the board and guides our company. Mr. Chan brings extensive property development and digital transformation technology knowledge to our company and a deep background in growth companies, emerging markets, mergers and acquisitions, and capital market activities. His service as Chairman and Chief Executive Officers creates a critical link between management and the board.

Frank D. Heuszel Director
Tung Moe Chan Director
Sassuan (Samson) Lee Independent Director
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José Escudero Director
Wong Shui Yeung Frankie Independent Director
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Danny Lim Director

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